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We’re a group of actors, writers, and filmmakers bonded by our shared love of all things comedy. Since 2008, we’ve put on 6 shows a year at Tufts University, consisting of live sketches, video sketches, and more, including an original musical that we write and direct in just one month every Spring! You can also find us at comedy festivals or grabbing brunch after our meetings. Being in The Institute (or Tute!) is being part of a family, just one with matching t-shirts and lots of jokes!

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How it works

We usually hold auditions every Fall and then we hit the ground running! It’s a fast-paced process putting on a show every month, and we love how talented and dedicated all our members are. Our typical show cycle consists of meeting twice a week to pitch and vote on sketches, shoot videos, and rehearse live sketches, finally culminating in a Friday night show. We love bringing members of the Tufts community together at our shows and you’ll always find us celebrating afterwards. Between shows, we attend comedy festivals, do off-campus gigs, and have bondings with each other! 

In the age of COVID

The current pandemic certainly changes The Institute’s plans for the year. While we do not plan on hosting our usual live shows this semester, we are working on filmed content that reflects our typical comedy and follows social distancing guidelines. We miss seeing each other in person, but our bond comes through even on Zoom! As the situation, both on Tufts campus and the country at large, changes, we plan to change with it, adapting our comedic sense to online platforms. We hope to have live shows at some point in the future, but until then, the Tute is on Zoom, baby!

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